Graduation’s Day

The moment of the Diploma is always special and never as in this period does it represent a goal achieved. Yesterday our student Zhang Weitong finished his studies at the Academia, receiving the Diploma of Professional Violin Maker. With the necessary precautions we wanted to capture his emotion at the end of a unique life […]

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New career

The students we meet do not need increasingly complex curricula, but to have broad access to the real world of violin-making. They need time and space to reflect on their experiences and to use imagination and practice to find a personal meaning of their career. Our simple advices and metaphors, are just images that will

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Foundational Course Diploma

The diploma of the Foundational course allows you to choose your career. By combining academic and work skills, you can decide to specialize in a specific area, choosing a qualified Master, or bring your skills directly into the workplace. Choose your career in the world of violin making! #academiacremonensis #cremona #course #violin #violinmaking #school#lutherie #education

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