Earth Day

On World Earth Day , we want to share with you a fascinating tradition: that of the Paneveggio Forests of Trentino Alto Adige, which allow us to have very valuable wood for the construction of musical instruments.

Every year, in the days following the new moon in December, the forest guards of the Paneveggio area select and cut the spruce or “Mondholz” wood, also known as “lunar wood”.

Respecting the lunar calendar not only preserves the characteristics of the wood, but also respects the natural cycle of the forest. Some of the trunks are then immersed in the Travignolo stream, where the winter water keeps them, caressing them, rocking them and giving them the vibrations useful for its sound. We will then have to wait until May, to pick up and work the so-called “washed” wood. This wood, of great value in violin making, is characterized by elasticity, optimal duration over the years, lightness and quantity of harmonic vibrations, then transmitted to the future finished instrument .

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