Parallelism: Stradivari Messiah and the Tourbillon Skeleton by Franck Muller

Two objects in comparison very different from each other, for material, use, age of construction, which however share the undisputed characteristic of precision. Precision that was born for similar needs: 
in the Messiah violin, by Maestro Antonio Stradivari, we can perceive the peculiarity in the details of the hedgehog, in their perfect symmetry, created as a work of art, to give harmony to the shapes and uniqueness to the instrument. 
In the same way, the Franck Muller Tourbillon Skeleton watch presents the characteristic of precision in its construction, where manual work is combined with that of mechanics, aimed at marking the time that passes with exactness and extreme rigor. 
Precision for these objects thus becomes a means to satisfy two fundamental requirements, artistic beauty and the value of functionality.

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